DRONTHEIM @ Dark Bombastic Evening 6

Drontheim will be joining the lined-up for the 6th edition of Dark Bombastic Evening festival, which takes place this summer in the Alba Iulia Fortress. Drontheim is a strictly non-political output, with no collective agenda on any level except the artistic. Thematically, it is rooted in a strong interest in the Second World War in general, and more specifically the events, people and life as it were in Trondheim, Norway in the early 1940s, and also the German vision for Neu Drontheim - New Trondheim - the new capital for the Germanized Scandinavia. Lyrically, it can be considered part documental and part fiction, but as a whole it is focused on the dark and dystopian union of audible, lyrical and visual expressions that enables the artistic atmosphere Drontheim seek to provide. Not easily defined by limiting genres, but at times cinematic and atmospheric and at times distorted and strict, one can find traces of Industrial Rock, Metal and Electronic music.

Until meeting them in August, viNd (Atrox and MANES) agreed to answer a few questions, talking about their upcoming album, as well as about the project in general, but also about history and its wars.

Hello viNd. Why this project and this particular concept? Is the history of your city so important to you?

Well, I started Drontheim back in 2006, when both Atrox and MANES were in some kind of a middle stage (not rehearsing etc.). With some spare time on my hand the idea for the project just popped up in my head, and I understood at once why. My grandfathers used to tell me lots of stories from the Second World War when I was a child. Drontheim was the name the Germans gave our city during their occupation of Norway in 1940-1945. They also planned to build a new city called Neu Drontheim, a city for 300.000 Germans that was supposed to be the capital of northern Europe. All the memories from these stories created pictures/visions in my head and came out as sounds. It all came to me so naturally and I just had to go with the flow. That’s why…

The history of our city is of course important to me, but it’s the period of the WW2 that really fascinates me, not necessarily only from Norway, but from all over the world.

What was so important in Trondheim in Second World War that you decided to create a band in which you develop a lot on this side of history? Why not go back to other historical periods?

I think I already have answered this; it’s because of the stories and pictures my grandfathers passed on to me in my childhood. And when diving deeper into the dark history of WW2, I even got more fascinated about the whole thing. So many events that took place and so many stories to hear about.

Tell me a few words about the members of this band. I only know they are also involved in MANES and ATROX.

The members of Drontheim are and have been involved in bands like Atrox, Bloodthorn, Calmcorder, Chton, Concrete Art, Goat The Head, Helsinki Horizon, Manes and Third Kind. The Drontheim line-up is Geir on drums, Snorre on bass & backing vocals, Rune & Tom on vocals, Torstein on guitars and me on guitars & computer.

Even though the band was created a few years ago, till 2015 you only have released 3 songs. Why is the creation process so slow?

That is because I only worked on the Drontheim project when I had some spare time on my hand. When you are involved in many projects, you often don’t have so much spare time, and that is the reason for it taking so long. But now we have just recorded our debut album, so something is finally happening - full steam ahead now!

Now you have released a new song. What can you tell me about it? Do you have also a video song, as Deadlight?

It is a “web preview release" of a song called “House of Horus” from our upcoming album. I wrote the song to a picture I got in my head of a solider waking up in an empty destroyed world, not understanding why and what has happened. Not knowing his participation, where he is, and so on. It is about the emptiness and darkness wars brings. Being alone somewhere totally unknown, only to find confusion and to experience the horrors of war mentally. “A labyrinth of dark riddles”…

And as with all the previous Drontheim releases, the song is supported by a brand new video made by Dispenser Media that you can watch here:



When we will have the chance to listen a Drontheim full album?

If not the entire album, we hope to have some kind of release ready for the DBE festival later this year.

What are the differences between Drontheim in the studio and live?

Well, live we try to enhance our gigs with visual elements to make the concept complete. This to support the message and stories we´re telling from the realm of Drontheim.

What kind of expectations do you have from DBE audience?

Eeeehhh, I really don’t know. I hope we can make some of the audience’s minds to fall into our realm of dark stories and “dream away”.

How many gigs have you played with Drontheim and which one was the most relevant to you?

So far we’ve done 5 gigs, so the gig at DBE would be our 6th – at DBEs 6th ritual which is a nice coincidence.

I think the most important gig we’ve done so far was a support gig we did for Ghost in our hometown Trondheim. Lots of people, not knowing about us, they got to hear and feel the vibe of Drontheim, and the response we got was very uplifting.

What bands can be associated with Drontheim, in terms of music?

I think I would have to say bands like Seigmen, Rammstein, My Dying Bride, Type O Negative, Kent, Kiss, The Prodigy, Anathema, Katatonia, Monumentum, Entombed and Ghost Brigade.

What is your goal with Drontheim?

To create music and visual elements that “haunt” my mind.

Thank you. One last question: do you think the war could today be a solution to eventually obtaining peace? Just look around at the entire world: a lot of conflicts, terrorism, manipulation, guns, and dead people. Why so many stupid people are hungry for blood and crimes? Religion, maybe?

A really difficult question to answer, but I think religion is to blame for a lot of the errors in this world. If you look into “the history of wars” you could easily find that religion is the reason for so many of them. War is stupid, but sometimes it is necessary, as we need to fight for the human rights so we can continue to live in a “free” world.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Best regards,



Band photos by: Lene J. Løkkhaug


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